peter janssen crypto

Venture capitalist Peter Janssen is making the cryptocurrency space a priority with his new fund FirstBlock Capital. He hopes to deploy capital across digital asset start-ups and public tokens. He says that cryptocurrencies represent a compelling investment opportunity because of their disruptive nature, liquidity in the public marketplace, and programmable blockchains. In addition, he believes that cryptocurrencies represent the intersection of cryptography, game theory, and network economics.

Provides The Necessary Tools

While the cryptocurrency industry is booming with investment opportunities, it still demands a lot of attention from investors. Successful crypto investors need to focus their attention on solving problems in various industries. Fortunately, experts like Janssen have experienced losses as well as profits. The rise of Bitcoin’s price led some early investors to overinvest in the digital currency, becoming hodlers. In addition, the volatility of this industry means that successful crypto investors must be able to block the noise. Peter Janssen has developed a program that provides the necessary tools to succeed in cryptocurrency investment.