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Tips & Tricks (often abbreviated as T&T) was a monthly video game magazine founded in 1981 by the publisher of ANALOG Computing. The magazine was a spinoff of the “Tips & Tricks” section that appeared in the original ANALOG Gaming magazine and was the first publication of its type. Each issue of the magazine contained an index of button codes, passwords and other tips pertaining to contemporary console and portable video games. The magazine also included strategy guides or walkthroughs of popular video games and lifestyle content relating to the video gaming industry.

In general, a “tip” is a piece of advice that is given on how to improve an activity or technique. A “trick” is a special ingenious method used in a profession or craft, especially one that is little known to outsiders. For example, a computer tip might be a shortcut to quickly select an entire paragraph with three quick clicks or a trick for keeping silverware clean by liner the sink in aluminum foil and adding bicarbonate of soda, then boiling it for an hour.

Some tips and tricks can help increase your productivity with a certain program or make the experience more enjoyable. For example, there are keyboard shortcuts to automatically repeat YouTube videos or save webpages to the Bookmarks Bar in Firefox. Another computer trick is to search for websites using a particular country’s domain by using the site: search operator and the top level domain for that country.

There are many tips and tricks for No Man’s Sky that can make your journey more pleasant. For example, scavenging can be made more efficient by always having a full inventory of food. Sprinting and then crouching gives you the speed of running without the cost of energy.

There are also hints and tricks that can be used to improve your skills with certain weapons, vehicles or astronomical equipment. Some of these tips are more suited to newer players but even experienced survivors can find something useful from them.