Sobha Attibele – Recipes For the Kitchen

A new work at home recipe called Sobha Attibele was recently released and is becoming quite popular in the blogosphere. It combines some of the things people expect from a good kitchen guide like a recipe bible (or cookbook), lots of easy to follow step-by-step recipes with an equally impressive amount of flexibility as well. It’s very much a combination of the two, but also contains some ideas I’ve never seen anywhere else. For example, it includes a binder which you can easily place your ingredients in after you’ve written them down, that also contains some “create your own recipes” sections, and I especially love the salsa part. It’s a very tasty salsa, and if you’ve never cooked with tomatoes before, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Sobha Attibele Creates Experts

One thing I love about this cookbook is that you can use it for whatever you need to prepare meals for. If you want to make a quick meal for you family to enjoy, you have plenty of dishes that are easy to prepare (just add water and heat it up) and healthy as well. If you need to prepare a more substantial meal for company or as a dinner for your family, I’d highly recommend making the full meal in the Sobha Attibele.

One thing I really love about this cookbook is that it has such an accessible format. Most cookbooks are huge and hard to read, with tons of pages of instructions on the proper way to cook certain things. They can get a little confusing when you have a large family or a large house to cook in. That’s not the case here. The Sobha Attibele has been designed so that even those who have little or no kitchen experience can easily understand what to do.