Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

oxlife independence portable oxygen concentrator

The oxlife independence portable oxygen concentrator is the one solution for patients on 24/7 oxygen. Designed with both continuous flow and pulse settings, this FAA approved device delivers oxygen precisely to your doctor’s prescription while you are at home, away or on the go. The device includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is powered by AC or DC power. The Independence also features a large, user friendly control panel for easy setting and is built with the patented energy smart absorption technology, making it the most efficient POC on the market. Read more oxlife independence portable oxygen concentrator – mainclinicsupply.com

The device has a wide variety of flow modes from 0.5-3 LPM and is lightweight (16.7 lbs) and compact. It is the perfect travel companion with the ability to run and charge in a car, stow under airline seats, and runs on all standard US AC and DC power sources. The Independence allows you to “hot swap” batteries while the unit is running so that you never experience a loss of oxygen.

Unleash Your Independence with OxLife Independence: A Comprehensive Review of a Portable Oxygen Solution

The oxlife independence is the only cellular-enabled POC in its class and can be connected to a smartphone or tablet for operation, monitoring and alarm reporting. It offers the highest level of security available, connecting to a secure server through the 3G cellular network and transmitting all operational data and error codes in real-time. The user will receive a text alert if the Independence is experiencing any technical problems or needs maintenance. The oxlife independence package includes the device, 2 batteries, AC and DC adapters, integrated cart with 6” wheels, accessory bag, and cannula.