How to Recognize a Fake Puppy Website

When looking for puppy source to buy a puppy online, it’s important to look for a genuine website, not just one with a fake reputation. A faux puppy website can be a dangerous scam, asking consumers to wire money or pay additional fees, but never delivering the product. The Better Business Bureau has received more than 1,000 complaints about faux puppy sites since 2015. An internal report from the Federal Trade Commission showed that most of these cases involved fraudulent sales. Listed below are ways to recognize a fake website.

Puppy Website Will Also Allow Users To Contact The Owner Directly

Puppy websites allow buyers and sellers to search for a puppy by location, breed, age, and price. The site will also allow users to contact the owner directly, reserve a puppy, and view photographs. Other popular websites for finding pets include Petfinder and PuppyFinder. These sites allow breeders to host their websites on Petfinder, which will make them visible to consumers looking for a new furry friend. These websites are also great places to find puppies.

Google has warned about fake puppy websites, and the Better Business Bureau has issued a statement warning Internet users to be wary of them. A couple in Grants Pass, Oregon, fell victim to a puppy website scam and wasted hundreds of dollars. Their dog, Max, is 12 years old and in poor health, so they decided to search online for a new companion. Linda tried to do her due diligence, but ignored several red flags and ended up spending hundreds of dollars on a puppy that didn’t live up to their expectations.