How to Assess Your Local Portable Loo Hire Market

Local Portable Loo Hire

The Local Portable Loo Hire hire business is very competitive and has a mix of small family-owned operations to industry giants. To stand out from the competition you will need a clear sales pitch, high-quality products, impeccable customer service and industry knowledge. The job can be dirty and requires a great deal of technical skill (toilets service, truck driving and maintenance, waste disposal and cleaning).

If you are new to the industry, start by assessing your local market and ideal clientele. For example, you might specialize in providing portable toilets for large events such as concerts and fairs, or for construction sites and seasonal businesses. It is also possible to specialize in a particular sector, such as catering, sports events, natural disasters, agriculture or family gatherings.

The Hidden Costs of Portable Loo Hire: What to Look Out For

You should also consider how much space you will need to store your toilets and equipment. This will depend on the size of your fleet and whether you are specializing in short or long-term portable loo hire. You will need a large warehouse or storage shed that is protected from weather elements and can accommodate your toilets and trucks. You will also need a nearby waste disposal site for emptying tanks and dumping rubbish.

Finally, you should check the reputation of your prospective toilet hire company by talking to local contractors and visiting their websites. A reputable firm will provide excellent quality toilets that are clean, safe and fully equipped with loo rolls, handwash and anti-bacterial sinks. They will also have the equipment to handle unforeseen situations such as weather delays and unexpected crowd numbers.