Thailand Gaming Expo 2016

Thailand Gaming Expo 2016 is the largest gaming event in Thailand, with over 120,000 attendees. Co-sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Siam Paragon, the event showcased the latest creations from global and local game developers. Thailand gaming enthusiasts are passionate about their favorite genres, including role playing and adventure games.

Is gaming skill genetic?

Thailand’s gaming market is growing rapidly, with more than three million gamers in the country. Despite a poor general English proficiency, games localized into Thai are generally well received by local consumers. In fact, localized games account for half of all revenues in Southeast Asia and around 35% of all sales in Thailand. While there are only a few major game developers in the country, many smaller indie developers have thriving operations. ลงทะเบียนที่

While mobile devices are now the dominant platform, PCs and consoles remain popular in Thailand. In fact, 95% of all gamers in Thailand play on mobile devices. Although female gamers tend to play on mobile devices, the percentage of gaming-related purchases is much higher than that of male gamers. Most of the purchases are playable characters and in-game items.

In Thailand, gaming is a leisure and professional activity that is becoming increasingly popular. It allows brands to reach a large number of people through different platforms. They can also interact with their target audiences and create new products and services based on their interests. By incorporating gamers into product development, brands can connect with them and help them become more active and engaged gamers.