Appliance Repair Services in Dubuque IA

An appliance repair service is an excellent choice for your broken appliances. They offer affordable repairs and can fix most brands of appliances. You can choose to have them come to your home or have them repaired at their shop. Before you make an appointment for an appliance repair, make sure that you disinfect high-touch surfaces around the device. To do so, use a household disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol. You can also purchase disposable gloves and wipe down the unit with a clean cloth.

How to Find Best Appliance Repair Services in Dubuque IA

A good appliance repair service can provide an estimate on the spot. Whether you’re looking for an oven or a washing machine, a professional can fix it quickly and affordably. If you have an old appliance or a new one, a repair service can give you a quote over the phone and get it fixed the same day. However, a company that does not offer a guarantee should not be trusted. It should be insured, and its employees should be licensed and bonded.

If you’re in Dubuque IA, you can use the services of Bob’s Appliance and Repair. This local appliance repair service has a positive customer feedback rating. In addition to providing affordable service, Bob’s Appliance and Repair is also a great choice. In Dubuque, Iowa, ServiceOne is a long-time, reliable appliance repair company. They offer their services throughout the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area and in Dubuque, Iowa. You can also use A&E, which offers a variety of in-home repairs. The company also provides honest feedback, which is important when you are dealing with a repair company.