Month: August 2022

How a Radon System Can Help Your Home

radon system

A radon system can help your home by reducing the concentration of radon gas in your home. It is a contaminant that contributes to environmental radioactivity and causes serious health issues. The good news is that there are many options available for you to install a radon system to reduce your home’s radon level. Read on for more information. When you install a radon system in your home, you will see that it is very effective at reducing the radon level.

How a Radon System Works

An active radon system works by removing radon from your home through an exhaust fan. This system works by drawing radon from soil beneath the foundation and discharging it into the air away from your home. Radon fans are installed in an active radon system and are cost-effective. An active mitigation system is an excellent option if you’ve recently purchased a home. An active mitigation system costs $1500 and can be installed in just a few hours. A mitigator will drill a five-inch circular hole in the foundation of your home and use four-inch PVC piping and an exhaust fan to remove radon gas. Once installed, the system will release the gas into the air, away from your home.

Radon mitigation systems must have a u-tube manometer. This is a pressure gauge that measures the level of radon gas in the air. These manometers are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on active radon mitigation systems. The u-tube manometer is installed on the vent pipe, which is usually placed under a concrete slab. If the system fails to work properly, the u-tube manometer will show equal liquid in both sides. This means that the fan is not producing enough suction.


Optometry Podcasts

optometry podcast

If you have ever wished that there was a podcast about optometry, you’re in luck. The Association of Optometry Podcast has launched a series of episodes that explore a variety of topics and feature the voices of optometrists and students. These episodes are ideal for seasoned practitioners, students, and anyone else interested in the profession. Besides providing a valuable resource, these podcasts can also make great listening material.

Experience That Will Give You Valuable Insight Into This Career Field.

In addition to being informative and entertaining, this podcast also highlights the latest developments in the field of eye care. The show is hosted by Dr. Raymond Brill, an optometrist with over 30 years of experience. The guests featured on the show range from leading medical experts to media personalities and world-class athletes. They share their opinions on the latest innovations in the industry. Aside from optometrists, Dr. Sian also interviews non-ODs to share their insights and experiences with the audience.

The Optometry Journal Podcast highlights eye health research and features interviews with key opinion leaders in the field. You can find over 100 episodes of the podcast online. Subscribe to the Optometry Journal podcast via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. The Optometry Journal Podcast features interviews with industry leaders, thought-leaders, opticians, and marketers. Whether you want to learn about the latest developments in eye care, this podcast is for you.

Another optometry podcast is Women in Optometry. Dr. Raymondi interviews various optometrists and healthcare professionals on a variety of topics. Her Latina perspective lends to her unique perspective. She frequently does segments in Spanish and her relatable personality makes her guests feel comfortable. She also doesn’t shy away from controversial topics and is dedicated to ending preventable vision loss in children. The podcast offers an engaging experience that will give you valuable insight into this career field.