ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is a company that specialises in locating hidden underground/ underfloor water leaks. Their non-invasive leak detection technology allows them to pinpoint the exact leak location.

Whether you have a leak on your heating circuit or cold feed supply pipes, ADI Pro Leak Detection will find the leak, repair it and reduce your water bills in no time at all! Using modern Trace and Access leak detection techniques, we can locate the leak without damaging your property.

Water mains and cold feed supply pipe leaks can easily cause significant damage to your home. They often leak freely for many years, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible.

Pipeline leak detection methods include thermal imaging, hydrostatic testing and laser technology. These systems allow pipeline controllers to monitor leaks in real-time during operation, helping to ensure that pipelines are working effectively.

Preventing Catastrophic Water Damage with ADI Leak Detection

ADI Pro Leak Detection use a unique system that measures the volume of water lost from the swimming pool – this means they can accurately determine if there is a leak or not. They also offer a free-to-use pool water leak detection and cost calculator that allows homeowners to estimate the amount of money they’re losing due to leaking water from their pool.

Having a leak can be extremely frustrating, and it can really impact your finances. Thankfully, ADI Pro Leak Detection have the expertise and the high-grade equipment to quickly and efficiently detect leaks on your water mains, cold feed supply pipes or swimming pools.